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Breakout's purpose is to grow your product line into a prosperous and bountiful brand that becomes a household name. In order to do that we implement certain strategeis that have proven effective over the years.  

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


Breakout has Sales representatives in each territory. 

  • Each Sales Representative focuses solely on their respectives key accounts as well as independent accounts in their region. 

  • Each account is different which is why each member of our team creates a plan for their accounts and develops solutions for your brand to get placement in stores. 



From a top-level strategic perspective, Breakout will:

  • Coordinate regional and national ad programs.

  • Develop and/or implement promotional programs.

  • Create new product development and roll-out.

  • Coordinate the development & placement of P.O.P. materials.

  • Manage & implement co-op ad programs.

  • Create ongoing sales & marketing program analysis and planning.

In Store Strategies


At the store level, Breakout Sales will:

  • Make presentations of your brand.

  • Present your promotions.

  • Audit shelves for complete product selection.

  • Clean, dust and face BSM represented products on shelf.

  • Check current store promotions (displays and pricing).

  • Check and supply sales support material

  • Upgrade shelf space and positioning.

  • Placement of your P.O.P. materials.

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