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 Many new product lines may not have a presence in a distribution center. Breakout will make it our mission to set you up for success by getting you in to a distrubtuion center.


If you are already in distrubution Breakout sends orders to several distributors:  UNFI ~ KeHE ~ Threshold ~ UNFI Wellness ~ DPI.  As well as other regional DSD distributors.


Distributor Interest

All natural product distributors have their own policies on what to bring into their distribution network.  Some want 30 – 40 points of distribution (POD’s), some want anchor accounts, and some have their own programs that make it easy to work with if you qualify. 


Breakout has a system for attaining the POD’s you need by gathering interest from the stores in the form of a commitment to bring in the line (or any part) once the line is in their favorite distributor.  Once we achieve the POD’s needed either you or one of our brand managers reaches out to the distributor to start the process. 

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